Specialised metal blasting services

Specialised metal blasting can be used in a huge variety of situations and for industrial, commercial and domestic customers. The team at Qse Metalblast are widely experienced, having worked in the blasting industry for many years and across an impressive diversity of customers and projects. For reliable specialised metal blasting services, you can trust us to deliver.

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Our Services

  • Sand blasting
  • Shot blasting
  • Soda blasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Thermal spraying

What Metal Blasting Achieves

Metal blasting can be used to achieve a variety of results, depending on the demands of the project and the part that is being treated. Blasting metal by propelling a jet of abrasive material at high pressure can:

    • Roughen a smooth surface;
    • Smooth out a roughened surface;
    • Add shape to a surface; or
    • Remove surface contaminants such as old paint, oils and debris.

The procedure can be carried out manually or using machinery. One of the main flexibilities lies in the selection of media used as an abrasive. It’s this that determines the kind of finish achieved by the process. The most abrasive materials used in blasting are metal shot and sand. Although they are well equipped to remove the heaviest or most ingrained surface contaminants, like rust and paint, they will also tend to create a rougher surface finish. For a smoother finish, a milder abrasive can be used, such as glass beads or ground walnut shells. But for soft metals or a far smoother finish, blasting with sodium bicarbonate (soda blasting) will cause little surface pitting.

Look for Expertise When Selecting a Metal Blasting Firm

Whether you’re unsure of the right abrasive for your particular job or are looking for a firm with the credentials and equipment to carry out a professional metal blasting project, head to Qse Metalblast. Our vast experience, friendly service and attention to detail equips us perfectly for any job. We’ve worked across every industry imaginable, delivering high quality results throughout. Talk to us today about your project and we’ll work with you to achieve the finish you require.

“I have used Metalblast for the last twelve years. They always do a great job.”

Giles Stewart

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