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Shot peening is a form of shot blasting, but one which has the effect of strengthening the metal surface to which the process is applied. At Qse Metalblast, we are adept at all kinds of impact finishing. Shot peening is just one of a number of techniques we can apply to machinery and other parts of all types.


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When Is Shot Peening Used as a Technique?

The process is primarily important for finishing metal parts before assembly into a larger structure, or use by themselves, to reduce the chances of metal fatigue and stress corrosion failures. Peening can assist in prolonging the useful life of the product part and therefore the product overall.

The process entails small, spherical shot being fired at the metal part at high speed. This acts like a peen hammer, creating a series of overlapping dimples on the surface that leads to compression stresses beneath each dimple. Introducing such surface compression stress acts to strengthen the metal, which ensures that the final product is more able to withstand metal fatigue failures, fatigue or cracking from corrosion and the galling and erosion that can be caused by cavitation.

The process is both economical and effective, prolonging the life of metal parts that have been treated in this way. Additionally, by introducing this strength and resilience, parts that are lighter in weight can deliver the same level of performance as much heavier components, thus enabling the client to reduce the overall weight of the finished product. It can therefore be used for a vast number of applications and be a benefit in a wide range of fields, for example the aerospace and automotive industries.

Qse Metalblast Ltd Is a Trusted and Reliable Provider of Shot Peening Services

If you would like to talk to a company that is expert in the application of shot peening methods to metal parts, speak to Qse Metalblast. Over our company’s fifty years of working in this field, we have gathered the necessary experience and expertise to deliver shot peening services for major and smaller companies alike. For a free quote, get in touch today.

“I have used Metalblast for the last twelve years. They always do a great job.”

Giles Stewart

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