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Professional sand blasting from Qse Metalblast is one of the most effective ways of cleaning paint, rust or other contaminants from the surfaces of items in preparation for painting or future use. It can also smooth out irregularities and remove small tags and burs that might prevent easy assembly of metal or plastic components.


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How Sand Blasting Works

Sand blasting is the process of cleaning a surface mechanically to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface. It can also be used to remove surface contaminants or shape a surface by propelling a stream of abrasive material at great forces against a surface under high pressure. Compressed steam or air is used combined with a jet of sand to achieve this.

The process is similar to sanding an item, whether that’s wood, metal or plastic, manually with sandpaper. However, sand blasting is far less labour-intensive and much faster. It also creates a much more even and uniform finish than can be achieved manually, with the air and sand mixture being able to reach into every corner, edge and crease of a component part.

Sand blasting can also be used to create a matte effect if desired, and because there is no liquid involved in the process, only sand and air, the technique has the benefit of leaving behind little to no residue, except for dust.

Applications of Sand Blasting and Where to Find the Best Service

Different grades of sand can create different effects, depending on the requirements of the client. Other abrasives can be utilised too to create, clean or prepare surfaces. The process can be used on metals, plastics and woods, so is invaluable for auto mechanics, machinists and woodworkers and is often employed on restoration and repainting projects, for instance.

For professional sand blasting services throughout the Dorset area, Qse Metalblast Ltd is your best choice. Our 50 years’ experience in the business makes us a reliable provider of this form of impact finishing for a variety of applications. Call for a quote.

“I have used Metalblast for the last twelve years. They always do a great job.”

Giles Stewart

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