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For the highest standards of workmanship when it comes to thermal spraying in the Poole area and beyond, get in touch with Qse Metalblast Ltd. ISO 9001 certified, we choose only superior materials and use the very latest processes to create a finish you and we can be proud of.

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What Does Metal Spraying Consist Of?

Thermal spraying involves applying coatings of various types by using a heat source to melt that coating material, in either a wire or powder form, into miniscule droplets. The coating material is then sprayed at high velocity onto the surface being coated. Typically, the thermal spraying process is used to apply other materials to metal surfaces, including steel and stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze, but some plastics can also be painted in this manner.

As well as improving the appearance of the component, the thermal spraying process importantly enhances and improves the performance of the part by preventing corrosion, stress corrosion and damaging surface build-up. Routine wear and tear is also often lessened, if not completely avoided, prolonging the life of the part and therefore saving you money over the longer term.

Thermal spraying also increases the choice of coating materials that can be applied, which allows you to select the material that best suits the requirements of the job. This can assist when attempting to resolve performance problems that can arise in particular scenarios and conditions, such as high temperature exposure.

Qse Metalblast Achieves Excellent Results in Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying results depend on finding the right company with the required skills, equipment and experience to do the job well. The quality of materials used also impacts directly on the quality of workmanship you receive. At Qse Metalblast, our highly trained staff have the necessary expertise and use only the best materials and equipment. You can be sure of great results if you trust your project to us. Call today for a free quote.

“I have used Metalblast for the last twelve years. They always do a great job.”

Giles Stewart

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